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Hangover (DEG SRLS)

General Sales Conditions (GSC) for purchases made online at

("Hangover") invites users to view these General Sales Conditions ("GSCs") governing product purchases and order management on the site.

"Hangover Product" means all products offered on, excluding those specified as Hangover Partner Products.

1. Conclusion of the contract and delivery of the products

1.1 Any order made at implies the conclusion of a sales contract in the Italian language. When the order concerns a Hangover Product, a single contract is concluded between the buyer and Hangover (DEG SRLS, 54033, via Bertoloni 58, Carrrara MS, Italy ("Hangover"). Hangover Partner Product, conclude a further contract with the respective Hangover Partner. The Hangover Partner Quality is specifically listed on the detail page for each single product.

1.2 By clicking on the "Buy Now" button, the customer makes a binding order for the items in the virtual cart. Once the order has been sent, Hangover will send a confirmation email of the order within 3 hours to the customer. The sales contract is intended to be concluded between the hangover and the customer when the customer receives the confirmation of the order. If the customer does not receive any confirmation of the order within the time limit specified in this art. 1.2, its order will be considered rejected by Hangover and, therefore, without effect.

Orders in relation to which the customer opted for the prepayment will be shipped as soon as Hangover receives the total payment of the purchase price and any shipping charges. Hangover therefore invites the customer to pay the price as soon as they receive the confirmation of the order and in any case within the next 7 days.

1.3 Where ordered products are not available for cause independent of Hangover's conduct, the latter shall promptly notify the customer. In this case, Hangover will not have any obligation to deliver the ordered merchandise, unless Hangover has taken the risk of supply in relation to the products forming the order in question.

In any case, if the ordered products are unavailable, Hangover will provide, without delay, any repayment, in favor of the customer, of any sums already paid.

1.4 Hangover does not assume responsibility for finding and obtaining unavailable products from other sources. This provision also applies to orders relating to fungible goods (for which only the type and characteristics of the products are described). Hangover is only obliged to deliver what is available in the warehouse and what it orders to its suppliers. The hangover warehouse also includes the warehouses of the respective Hangover Partners from which the products ordered by the customer come from. Hangover makes deliveries all over the world. If the delivery time is expressed in working days, these are all those included between Monday and Friday included, with express exclusion of any public holidays.

2. Prices, shipping and express delivery

2.1 The customer is required to pay the price published on the product page at the time of dispatch of the order. The indicated price is definitive and includes VAT.

2.2 Shipping costs are the responsibility of the Customer, except for promotions.

2.3 Express delivery is only available for certain products. At the time of order, the customer will be able to view, if available, the option of express shipping and the related additional costs. This option provides the delivery of the goods within 2 business days at most. If the delivery does not take place within that time, the customer will be refunded of the shipping costs incurred.

3. Payments

3.1 Hangover accepts different payment methods including: credit card, bank transfer, Paypal and Amazon Payment. Hangover reserves the right to refuse some payment methods and require different payment methods for certain orders. Note that Hangover accepts payments from bank accounts around the world and that the customer is responsible for any costs associated with the transaction.

3.2 In case of a purchase made with a credit card, the amount will be charged immediately.

3.3 The buyer agrees to receive invoices and credits exclusively in electronic format.

4. Use promotional vouchers

4.1 Promotional coupons cannot be purchased, are offered by Hangover in promotional campaigns and may be used for a limited period of validity. 

4.2 Promotional coupons may only be used once for a single order within the specified validity period. You may not be able to use promotional coupons to purchase some products. Promotional vouchers cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers. The use of a promotional voucher may be subject to a minimum amount of expense. 

4.3 The value of purchased products must be equal to or greater than the value of the promotional voucher. If the amount of the promotional voucher is not sufficient to cover the value of the ordered products, the difference can be paid through any of the accepted payment methods referred to in art. 3. Promotional coupons are non-repayable in cash and the credit they represent does not accrue interest. Promotional vouchers will not be refunded if the buyer decides to return part or all of the ordered products. 

4.4 Promotional coupons may only be used if the order is finalized, cannot be used retroactively and cannot be transferred to third parties. Unless otherwise arranged by Hangover, it is not possible to aggregate several promotional vouchers for the same order. 

4.5 If during the order the customer should have used a promotional voucher and if the total value of the order - due to the customer's withdrawal - should be less than the value of the promotional voucher, Hangover reserves the right to bill the original price of the goods remaining in the customer's possession.

5. Use of Gift Certificates

5.1 Gift vouchers can be purchased and may only be used for the purchase of Hangover Products or Hangover Partners, but not for the purchase of additional gift vouchers. If the value of the gift vouchers is insufficient to cover the value of the products ordered, the difference may be paid through any of the accepted payment methods. 

5.2 Gift cards may only be used before the order is forwarded, they are not redeemable in cash and the credit they represent does not accrue interest. Buyers who want to collect a gift voucher, transfer their credit to the account and check the balance is requested to visit the "My Account" section at

7. Customer Service

Customer can contact Hangover Customer Service through the following contact details:

whatsapp +393312572790


The Customer also has the right to avail himself of the dispute resolution procedure available at

Best regards,

Hangover a trademark of DEG SRLS

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