HANGOVER SMARTSKIN - an adhesive sticker for smartphones to make your Device unique


features that make it SMART:


Its FORMATS (discover the measures here), besides making your Smartphone unique, are specifically designed to allow you to be able to use it on different devices!


Change the look to your DEVICE whenever you want, thanks to the REMOVABLE ADHESIVE of the skin and the range of exclusive designs (a collection with an innovative line of shapes and colors, always trendy and unique);

The SmartSkin's removable sticker allows you to re-use the SmartSkin several times in all simplicity! You can stick it directly on the device or on your cover, the glue is specially designed to respect every surface.


The SPECIAL Protective RESIN guarantees the permanence of the sharpness of the design for years, highlighting and making the colors and images unique through the brightness of the resin enhancing the appearance of the Device.

ANTI-SCRATCH PROPERTIES, further guarantee to maintain the original features of the design;

VERY PLEASANT to the touch thanks to the soft surface of the special resin with unique qualities.

EASY TO CLEAN: It is easy to clean with a damp cloth - clean your SmartSkin periodically with a damp cloth, get the shine of the design and the anti-slip features like new!


ANTISLIP: its property of vacuum anchoring allows to give the device the right grip to avoid slipping; very useful feature to avoid the main causes of smartphone crash.

GRIPthe property of the Hangover SmartSkin resin allows the device to adhere to smooth surfaces (such as glass and mirrors). An original way to have a free hands selfie, Skyping with friends, shooting and recording better video blogs, browsing with more freedom and much more *;

Discover in detail the super power in the instructions below.


In the Hangover package FIND ALWAYS 2 SMARTSKINS:

- the Selfie SmartSkin for your device;

- the Support SmartSkin to be used on the surface on which to adhere your device;

useful for those who want to fully exploit the power of adhesion thanks to the SKIN to SKIN anchoring property! The most convenient and simple way to attach your Smartphone in the car (or wherever you want) without having to use bulky and uncomfortable supports or suction cups


The special glue allows you to re-use the SmartSkin several times without leaving any residue and in all simplicity!

The special liner in the box (do not throw away the package) guarantees the protection of the Hangover SmartSkins and its repositionable glue allowing you to keep them and use them several times.

The ecological concept based on the re-use of your SmartSkin over time and a package designed to not become a waste (zero waste).


* The adhesion property of the resin that covers the skin allows the device to be attached to smooth surfaces thanks to its vacuum effect. Under normal conditions, with mild temperature and absence of strong humidity, it guaranteed an effective and prolonged adhesion of the skin to smooth surfaces.

For optimal adhesion, we recommend paying attention to the following:

Make sure the skin surface is completely clean; easy to clean with a damp cloth or any product / spray to clean the surfaces (non-abrasive or acid). The uncleaned skin makes the action of adhesion under vacuum less effective by blocking the microcracks useful for this use;

Make sure that the surface on which to attach the device is perfectly smooth and clean;

Do not subject the skin to excessive humidity, and / or direct contact with the sun, and / or cold; such circumstances would temporarily diminish the adhesive properties of the resin. Therefore wait a few minutes in normal weather conditions to reuse it in this sense;

Where the skin is not used, place it in a dry and temperature-controlled room by placing it on the liner;

Use the Support Skin to attach the device to other surfaces; the Skin to Skin configuration exploits the combined power of the two resins and provides better results of stability and reliability in the adhesion; With the support skin you can attach the device to other surfaces and remain anchored for as long as you want.

Press lightly when you want to attach the device.

The adhesive used to apply the skin on the device or cover is removable and allows the skin to be removed and repositioned several times.

To keep its properties for a long time, we recommend:

  • keep the surface of the adhesive clean (for example, do not dirty it by touching it very often with your hands);
  • make sure, before applying the skin, that the surface on which it is placed is perfectly clean;


If applied on Smartphones or covers that do not have a flat back, but with protuberances or concave or convex shapes, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THE SKIN TO APPLY IT ON SMOOTH SURFACES; the property of adhesion under vacuum requires a sufficient part of the flat skin, both on the device and on the surface on which it is intended to attach the object. When using the skin due to its adhesive characteristics, please make sure that it is well attached.

DEG SRLS as owner of the Hangover brand, specifies that the skin was designed for the properties of enhancing images, to allow its customers to use and cover their device with a particular and innovative design. Therefore it is advisable to use the skin's particular adherence quality on smooth surfaces very carefully, as it is not considered to be the unique property of the product. DEG SRLS disclaims any and all liability for damage resulting from improper use; furthermore it is strongly recommended to use a cover for your Smartphone on which to apply the skin, to provide greater security and protection to your device.


At times when you do not use the SmartSkin or want to replace it with another one, we recommend storing it on the original packaging. In fact, the liner of the package is the most suitable housing to safeguard the glue and to allow the re-use of the smart skin later.

Furthermore, by not throwing the packaging, you help us preserve the environment by following our mission to generate as little waste as possible in product design.

For any additional information do not hesitate to contact us. Hangover Smartskin support service is available to you every day - 24h.

Follow us on social media looking for @hangoversmartskin to get updates on news and details and to share your experience with Hangover SmartSkin!

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