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The Special Outfit

Special as you

The exclusive MADE in ITALY

Try HO-HANGOVER special us YOU!

The combination of the two words HANG and OVER (hang it over) comes from the concept "Attach it above" that describes a product specifically designed to be easily and repeatedly applied to your device, whether it's a IQOS, an iPhone, or any Smartphone. 

The concepts and principles that led us to realize, promote and affirm the brand:

ECOLOGY: product designed to be REUSED against the throwaway tendency

DURATION: The protective, anti-scratch and cleanable resin along with the universality of SmartSkin’s shapes, suitable for all the devices (for example: iPhone 4 - iPhone 5 - iPhone 6 - iPhone 6s - iPhone 7 - and iPhone plus, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei and others) guarantees longer durability than any commercially available cover or stick.

ZERO WASTE: package designed to not become a waste. Keep the SmartSkins you do not use inside, so as to preserve thier qualities.

COMMUNITY AND EXCLUSIVITY: Involvement of artists, designers and photographers, which desire to use our product as a communicative vehicle for their graphics and make them unique and exclusive for Hangover.

RESPECT FOR WORK: the true MADE IN ITALY (from packaging to product) guarantees quality and control of respect for work, following the entire production chain and production methods.

PERSONAL ATTENTION: provide to consumer excellent service and high quality products at reasonable prices.


Hangover SmartSkin is also available on all Amazon platforms in Europe!