DRESS your IQOS Device Completely made in Italy

Dress your Iqos with the most requested accessory thanks to a Registered Design and Exclusive Profiles 

Specially designed to give to your device an inimitable and special look.


Currently, Hangover offers two types of materials that are unique of its kind:

Thanks to the special features of the SmartSkins, you can see the beautiful graphics specially designed to give your Iqos a unique style and design.


The ADHESIVE SMARTSKIN IN RESIN is designed to give the Iqos Device an extraordinary Design and more:

The Special Removable Adhesive:

  • it allows to change the skin and the desired design with simplicity and without residues (follow carefully  the instructions to best preserve the properties of the removable glue *)

The Special Resin:

  • allows a perfect adhesion on the Device without wrinkles and imperfections
  • HD graphics - It enhances and brightens the colors and images through the vividness of the resin and protects them over the time
  • ANTI-SLIP and PROTECTIVE preventing accidental falls of your iQOS Device by also providing adequate protection for surfaces
  • CLEANABLE: You can clean the smasrtkin with a humid cloth while preserving its shine
  • Very pleasant to the touch
  • Original

USEFUL INSTRUCTIONS and TIPS - for a correct application of the RESIN SmartSkins

 FOR A PERFECT ADHESION heat the smartskin to attack it and remove it

To guarantee the full effectiveness of the glue and the perfect adhesion and removal of the skins, we recommend you to 

CAREFULLY follow these recommendations:

Clean carefully the surface of the device , removing dust and stains, then attack the skin; to ACTIVATE TO THE BEST the special glue we recommend heating the skin with a hair dryer for at least 10/20 seconds so that the glue is activated perfectly and the resin softens to the point that it adheres properly to the device.

Since the glue of the adhesive is still fresh, the Skin will tend to rise at the bent points of the device;

Just press lightly on these points for the first few days so that the Skin can adapt perfectly to the device and have that elegance and style that makes it unique.

During this period, we recommend avoiding very dusty places so as not to deposit dust on the adhesive walls, and compromise the Skin's tightness.


we recommend that you heat the skin 20/30 seconds with the hairdryer, so that the resin becomes softer and the adhesive leaves no residue on your device, so you can put the skin that you do not use on the liner in the box (that we advise not to throw).

Furthermore, by not throwing the packaging, you help us preserve the environment by following our mission to generate as little waste as possible in product design.

Discover also our Smart Skins in special Textile

For any additional information do not hesitate to contact us. Hangover Smartskin support service is available to you every day - 24h.

Follow us on socials looking for @hangoversmartskin to get updates on news and details and to share your experience with Hangover SmartSkin!

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